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Permanent RCRD Studios, Austin Texas

Home / Podcast / About the Lone Star Plate Podcast / Permanent RCRD Studios, Austin Texas

Every week, ordering secretly from different Texan restaurants and enjoying great conversations over a good meal, the Lone Star Plate Podcast, records at the Permanent RCRD Studios at South Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas.

Whether you want to record a podcast or have an audio project, Permanent RCRD Studios makes the process easier. Do your recording in a sound-treated room with full access to high-quality, multitrack recording and mixing equipment for studio-quality outputs. All you have to do is book a session, get there and start recording.

Recording Spaces and Services

Permanent RCRD Studios has two comfortable, sound-proof spaces, called Studio A (Blue Room) and Studio V (Wood Room). Each one is equipped with podcasting microphones, mixers, and recording gears. Before you show up, a sound engineer personalizes the studio and starts the recording for you.

With an optional Monitoring Service, the engineer can stay during your entire session to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Of course, you can produce the podcast on your own without any assistance.

If there is a need for remote guests to call in, Skype recording and other recording services are also offered. It’s also possible to live stream or video record the podcasting as long as clients bring and handle their own video recording equipment. Free WIFI will be provided as soon as you come in.

All Your Bases Covered

With Permanent RCRD Studios, all of your bases are covered. Who better to cater to your podcast or audio needs than a studio run by Austin podcasters? Book a free tour or consultation today. Rates start at $55/hour. For more questions, feel free to visit the website: www.permanentrcrd.com.