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The Team Behind the Show

Home / Podcast / About the Lone Star Plate Podcast / The Team Behind the Show

Host: Patrick Scott Armstrong

Patrick Scott Armstrong has been in the food industry for more than fifteen years. Having worked in different facets of the business, from waiting tables, managing restaurants, working with world-renowned chefs, and opening his own food truck and catering business, he has now turned his attention to educating people about what good food is all about. In his spare time, he cooks for friends and family using recipes inspired by his Mexican-American heritage as well as his travel on the Way of Saint James or Camino de Santiago.

Engineer: Trevor Wiggins

Trevor Wiggins is a professional musician, video artist, animator, photographer, and ex coffee roaster/barista. Originally from Houston, he has lived in every corner of Texas and now calls the cultural oasis of Austin home. From rodeo to radio he’s worked the oddest of jobs and lived many lives. Like Doctor Who or Quantum Leap, but with a great big bushy beard. When not busy working on creative projects you’ll find him obsessing over baseball stats, climbing slabs, or having tea parties with his especially cute daughter.

Podcast Manager: Nevena Paunovic

Nevena Paunovic is a podcast manager who makes things happen anywhere in the world from her tiny home office in Belgrade, Serbia. With a background in performing arts production, she’s been enjoying working on well-made podcasts for over five years. When she needs a break from the talkative realm of podcasting, she practices yoga in silence and makes the best bulletproof coffee in her part of the world.