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Welcome to The Lone Star Plate Podcast

Home / Podcast / Blog / Welcome to The Lone Star Plate Podcast

Hi, my name is Patrick Scott Armstrong.

Let me tell you about a NEW podcast I’m hosting called The Lone Star Plate. It’s an hour long podcast where I sit with a different guest each week and we order in food from some of Austin’s best culinary options and then we discuss it… amongst other things. Basically we sit, eat, chat and repeat each episode.

The guests range from restaurateurs, journalists, chefs, musicians, entrepreneurs, influencers and many more. Some are friends and some I’ve never met. Either way, a good meal always brings good conversation. So if you like food, wanna learn more about it, and of course have some laughs, then this show is for you.

Think Joe Rogan meets Anthony Bourdain, except I’m not nearly as cool. Eat along with us and enjoy the conversation.

What makes me qualified to talk about food, you ask? I’m a 15 year food industry veteran. I’ve waited tables, bartended, cooked and managed my way through the industry, and at one time owned a food truck and catering business in Austin called BOCA. I’ve worked in Spain and Mexico, but mainly in Texas.

The more I learn about food, the more I realise I don’t know shit. So join me and we can learn together. You can find the The Lone Star Plate podcast on your favourite podcast platforms. So subscribe and stay up to date with our latest episodes!

The Lone Star Plate Podcast is produced by TexasRealFood.com – A website directory for Real Food Options in Texas. Remember…sit, eat, chat, repeat!

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