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Case Erickson of Trucklandia

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Welcome to the first episode of The Lone Star Plate, the podcast where we meet people working in the food industry, and discuss current trends over a plate of delicious Texan food.

Today I’m meeting with Case Erickson, founder and owner of Trucklandia, a food truck festival that takes place over the course of 6 days in Austin, Texas.

We order some all natural, all organic food from CrossRoads, a food truck that makes all their food completely from scratch, and it is delicious.

Over a mouth-wateringly good burger, Case tells us all about Trucklandia, food trucks in Austin, and the difficulties there are within the restaurant industry.

Good conversation, good food, and lots of laughs, it’s the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

She didn’t win the ten thousand dollars, but she got a hundred regular customers out of it.
Case Erickson

Time Stamps:

04:28 – The food we’re eating today and where it’s from.
06:04 – What Case does and how he’s made himself successful.
07:47 – How the business model of Trucklandia and Keep Austin Fed works.
09:26 – The importance of community.
10:10 – The waste involved in the restaurant industry.
11:18 – Our food arrives…
18:03 – Food trucks in Austin.
20:30 – What Trucklandia is like and how it works.
24:10 – The different difficulties for food trucks, and how Case helps food truck owners.
27:55 – The unhealthy culture within restaurants.
33:47 – The importance of using local, organic food, and the rise in veganism.
37:03 – Possible alternative names for the podcast.


Keep Austin Fed
Farm to Truck 


Episode Transcript

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