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Joleen Jernigan: Writing on Food

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Today we ordered some all natural, farm to table food, from Henbit, delivered to us by UberEats. The food arrived looking great, it was super flavourful and tasted amazing. We were very impressed.

Joleen Jernigan, a contributing writer for Austinot, joined me for this delicious takeout and we had a great chat over the food. Talking about everything from writing and travel, to our favourite restaurants and the weirdest food we’ve ever eaten.

A lovely, friendly chat, and an incredible meal, it was awesome having Joleen on the podcast, thanks for coming!

It’s nice to think of ‘all natural’ as meaning something so pure and from nature but it just doesn’t mean that anymore. Locally sourced, sustainable, organic. Those are some terms that have a bit more weight behind them. – Joleen Jernigan

Time Stamps:

00:37 – What food we ordered today.
02:04 – Introducing our guest Joleen.
05:26 – New articles Joleen’s writing on.
09:48 – The different styles of writing.
12:14 – Travel writing and the nuances around it.
13:27 – The food arrives!
18:44 – When restaurants use a little bit of magic.
22:01 – Trying out the salsa.
23:11 – The importance of naan in Indian food.
24:10 – What’s so special about the food in Houston.
24:56 – Good food to eat while writing.
25:56 – Why Linwa is Joleen’s favourite restaurant.
27:08 – What the term ‘all natural’ means to Joleen.
28:43 – Moving abroad and adapting to different foods.
38:17 – Our quick fire round questions.


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