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Aaron Watson: Back On The Tour Bus

Aaron Watson: Back On The Tour Bus
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Today, I’m joined by American country musician, singer and songwriter, Aaron Watson. 

Aaron calls me straight from his tour bus, back on the road after having to cancel countless gigs due to COVID-19. 

We talk about what urged him to get back to touring, and the backlash he’s received for putting on events again. 

Aaron is a talented man and he goes on to explain all the different ways he’s been making an income since the lockdowns hit. 

With him having three children, not only is he stuck at home but they’re stuck there with him. He tells me what it’s been like to homeschool his kids, and how viable that is for the future. 

A real American, Aaron is about as patriotic as it gets, and it’s great to talk to someone who’s so proud of being from this amazing country…

“Be invested in things you can be a part of and change, like your neighbourhood and your house. If we can all do that, that’s how we change the world.” – Aaron Watson  

Time Stamps:
03:10 – Why Aaron is starting to tour again and his belief in the American right to protest.
09:50 – The importance in supporting your president no matter who they are.
12:41 – The different ways Aaron has been making money over the lockdown.
19:50 – The importance of staying positive during these strange times.
24:15 – People’s tendencies to want their opinion heard, even if it’s invalid.
29:47 – What it was like growing up in Texas.
32:48 – Homeschooling your kids and being stuck at home.
35:10 – Aaron’s time in London and the importance in recognising when people you don’t like do something great.
39:45 – Who Aaron’s dad is and the lessons he taught Aaron.
45:30 – The differences in raising girls and boys.
51:10 – Recording an album during lockdown. 


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  • Arron watson is a great person with a BIG heart. I I would like to say thank him for being on Facebook live every Wednesday. My heart goes out to all the performers in the band because of ths . No work no money to support your family that is sad.

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