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Abby Anderson: Nashville – THE Place for Music and Food

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Today we are joined by American country music singer/songwriter Abby Anderson. 

Abby’s been singing ever since she was a kid, and her personality is just as lively as her music. 

We talk about how the pandemics affected her, both professionally and personally, and how it’s all going on longer than we expected. 

We talk about food and what we ate growing up, as well as how she got into performing and what life’s like being a famous country musician. 

Full of laughs and positivity it’s great talking to Abby and she gets me excited for the music she’s sure to release once this pandemic ends…

”Nashville is the place. That’s where you go to make great country music.” – Abby Anderson 

Time Stamps:
02:14 – Where Abby’s been during the pandemic and what she’s been up to.  
03:54 – What it’s like living with her fiancée in Georgia. 
05:56 – What Abby used to eat as a kid. 
08:52 – Where her parents are from and the food her mum cooks. 
11:16 – What led Abby to writing music and performing. 
14:48 – Why she moved to Nashville. 
16:59 – Where she learnt to sing. 
19:15 – How the virus has affected performing and writing music.   
21:25 – What it was like touring with Rob Thomas and how Abby’s been returning to her roots.
29:16 – The flipside there is to being an artist. 
32:21 – Where Abby sees herself in 10 years and what she’s learned from the virus. 
36:53 – The food in Nashville and gaining weight during the pandemic. 
44:40 – Not knowing the correct measurements when cooking. 


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