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Adaire Byerly: Brains Behind Fame

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Adaire Byerly was a highly successful model but left it all behind to follow her passion in behavioural science. 

From appearing in Vogue to spending hours every day studying at home, she spent years learning about why we act the way we do before starting her company Entertainment Mindframe. 

Now she works helping those in the industry deal with the mental difficulties that often come along with working in these types of environments. 

People are becoming more and more aware of the prevalence of mental health problems in our society, and Adaire is doing great work to help those that are struggling.

She tells me all about her journey across two very different careers, and what both have been like for her… 

“You can become addicted to chasing your success and you believe that while you’re doing that you’re successful, when in reality you’re not. ” – Adaire Byerly  

Time Stamps:
02:10 – Adaire’s history growing up in Texas.
05:00 – The restaurant scene in Austin and Dallas. 
08:42 – How Adaire got involved in modelling, and where her passion for that career came from. 
12:18 – How the standards of beauty are constantly changing. 
15:21 – Why Adaire stepped away from the modelling industry and moved to working with behavioural science.
18:17 – What Entertainment Mindframe does. 
19:02 – The mental struggles involved in the restaurant industry. 
21:55 – How hormones change your behaviour. 
24:43 – The addictive nature of social media. 
29:19 – The future of webinars and online communication. 
30:58 – Being able to get take-away alcohol from restaurants. 
33:03 – Schools being taught online. 
35:23 – How to connect with Adaire. 


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