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Comedian Alex Reymundo On Comedy Post-Covid

Comedian Alex Reymundo On Comedy Post-Covid - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
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Today, we’re bringing one of our most popular guests back on the show, Alex Reymundo.  

Now normally I don’t drink on the podcast, but Alex owns a tequila company Number Juan Tequila, so whenever he comes on the show we have a few shots.  Well, I’ll be honest with you, this time we had a couple more than usual, and ended up getting pretty drunk together.  

Alex is a great comedian, so this is one of those conversations that just had me in stitches of laughter.  We talk about MMA, UFOs, and Alex even gives us an update on the Carlos Mencia situation.

So sit back, grab a drink, and have a good laugh with us…  

 “Comedy should never be a contest, and by the way, all is fair in love, war, and comedy.” – Alex Reymundo

Time Stamps:  
09:55 – The things that make you happy, and what Alex loves most in life. 
15:26 – MMA, boxing, and the different fights we’ve seen.
28:37 – How Jerry Dive inspired Alex, and the time he impersonated Michael Carbajal.
35:26 – The upcoming fight between YouTuber Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather.
37:47 – The hip-hop beats Alex’s son has been making.
44:44 – Our tequila trivia round, and the best tequila Alex has ever drunk.
1:13:40 – Where Alex sources his tequila, and how limited the supply is.
1:20:37 – The people we know who have been kidnapped in Mexico.
1:24:36 – Alex’s favorite Covid joke.
1:27:25 – What Carlos Mencia said to Alex after he heard his comments about him.
1:36:03 – The official government videos that are coming out about UFOs.
1:45:57 – The simulation theory, and the difficulty with knowing what to believe.
1:54:28 – “Outdoor Texas” and our love of Dallas.
1:57:26 – Alex’s favourite comedians, and his thoughts about making his own podcast.
2:11:50 – What it’s like reading negative comments on your videos.
2:23:14 – The possibility of doing a Spanish podcast in the future.
2:29:00 – The different ways people drink tequila, and the special nature of Number Juan Tequila.
2:40:49 – What Covid has taught Alex and the passion he has for being on stage.  

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