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Alex Reymundo: Tequila, Comedy and More Tequila

Alex Reymundo: Tequilla, Comedy and More Tequilla
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Alex Reymundo: Tequila, Comedy and More Tequila

Today I’m joined by one of the Original Latin Kings of Comedy, Alex Reymundo. Not only is Alex a comedian, but he also runs and owns his tequila business together with Ron White called ‘Number Juan Tequila’. 

I have a bottle for the show, planning on having a shot or two. But it’s so smooth, I keep on sipping away and end up drinking a good deal of it!

We have a real laugh as we chat about Alex’s life as a comedian, the state of comedy, cancel culture, and how he ended up in the tequila business.

We’re both from similar backgrounds, so the chat naturally moves to what it’s like being a Latino in America, and Alex even tells me about his time working with Cheech Marin…

”If you want advice from me about standup, be original, record every show so you can study it. And the third rule I tell everybody? Don’t suck.” – Alex Reymundo  

Time Stamps:
01:41 – Who Alex Reymundo is and what he does.
04:29 – What I thought about Alex’s tequila.
06:43 – How old the average Texas farmer rancher is, and other fun food facts. 
11:50 – The ‘Quarantine Concert’ series Alex has been working on. 
16:35 – Drinking Number Juan Tequila as he explains how it’s made. 
24:17 – How Alex ended up running and owning his own tequila business. 
34:15 – What it’s like performing at the laugh factory in LA.   
40:08 – The extent of the Latino comedy scene in America. 
46:18 – Cheech and Chong, and what it’s like being a Mexican in America. 
53:22 – How Alex Reymundo found his passion for performance. 
1:00:45 – Why some people get offended by comedy and some issues there are with cancel culture. 
1:11:14 – What it’s like working with Joey Diaz and how he got to where he is. 
1:15:54 – The prevalence of joke stealing in comedy and the ethics that come with it. 
1:26:44 – Taking part in an open mic at Capital City and what it’s like doing standup. 
1:32:36 – How the pandemic has affected comedians’ livelihoods, and the concert series Alex has been putting on.
1:36:03 – What it was like when Alex got COVID.   
1:40:22 – The biggest thing Alex has learnt from his marriage. 
1:48:45 – Alex’s new special he’s hoping to shoot soon. 
1:52:30 – The first time Ron White did stand up comedy and how Alex met him. 


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