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Amanda Marcotte: The Best Way Is To Be A Noob

Amanda Marcotte
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Amanda Marcotte: The Best Way Is To Be A Noob

Today I am joined by Amanda Marcotte, a Texas-born writer who covers politics, feminism and culture for The Salon.

A few days ago she wrote an excellent article on the Black Lives Matter movement. Though we rarely discuss politics on the show, at this moment it is important to be fully present with the pressing issues of our time.

In 2018 Amanda published a book called ‘Troll Nation’, and I wanted to know how the writing process went for her. 

As always, we chat about Texas and food. We discuss how it was to grow up in Texas, and racial prejudice that we witnessed, and I’m also surprised to learn how much food Amanda grows in her garden!

“The best way is to be a noob. The best way is to do a lot of listening and not talking.” – Amanda Marcotte

Time stamps:

1:30 – Introducing my guest Amanda Marcotte.
5:25 – Discussing Amanda’s latest article on The Salon.
10:45 – The social and political implications of disbanding police departments.
14:52 – What she thinks about Trump’s whole fake news thing.
19:00 – What Amanda’s book is about.
21:30 – What are the odds for Trump in 2020 elections.
26:50 – The consequences of discussing politics with our families.
30:00 – The problems Patrick had growing up in Texas because of his Mexican origins.
34:20 – How Amanda’s growing up in El Paso was.
37:15 – How Texas is changing and progressing.
40:45 – What Amanda’s diet is like and what she likes to cook.
46:40 – The plants and vegetables Amanda grows at her garden.
52:56 – How people can support the Black Lives Matter movement.


How and why Black Lives Matter harnessed a nation’s anger toward Donald Trump by Amanda Marcotte
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