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Bill Kirchen and The Feisty Telecaster

Bill Kirchen and the Feisty Telecaster
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American guitarist, singer and songwriter Bill Kirchen has been making music for over 50 years, and has travelled all over the United States performing. 

He recently had to come home because of the pandemic and I was fortunate enough to get an interview with him during this time. 

He told me all about his life touring the country, and gives some advice to any aspiring musicians out there.

The talk moved to how the pandemic has affected different areas of life, and what the future is looking like for us all…

“Go find out who you love to hear, and go get that guitar. But let me tell you something, you’re not going to sound like that right away, so don’t be disappointed, don’t give up.” – Bill Kirchen

Time Stamps:
04:30 – How Austin has changed over the years. 
06:30 – Mexican food and our experiences with it. 
08:45 – What it’s like playing music in Austin. 
11:55 – The multicultural nature of Austin and how music brings everyone together. 
14:07 – Where in Texas Bill has toured. 
20:00 – Touring in Barcelona. 
22:44 – Why Bill uses a telecaster guitar. 
27:14 – How to decide what guitar to use. 
29:28 – The similarities in cooking and music.  
35:10 – The good things happening to the food industry because of the pandemic. 
40:38 – Where Bill’s lived and the travelling he’s done. 
44:36 – How Bill’s been keeping busy during the quarantine. 
48:52 – The process Bill goes through when writing a song. 
51:56 – The loss of obvious approval that comes with live shows ending. 
55:48 – The ways to connect with Bill online. 
57:28 – Attempting to cook Indian food. 


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