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Blue Water Highway: Eating Local On The Road

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Today we are joined by Texan musical group Blue Water Highway.  

We talk about the origins of the band and the difficulties they’ve faced getting to the successful point they’re now at. 

I love their music. The way they work together and harmonise their voices just sounds amazing.

After talking about how they make their music and who does what, we move on to food. 

They tell me how their ‘on the road diet’ shifted from Wendy’s and Subways to more local, healthier dishes. 

We also talk about how the coronavirus has affected them as artists, and how they think it will shape the music industry in the future. 

”It’s so weird, people expect musicians to also be models. That’s not a skill set you get imparted with.” – Catherine Clarke 

Time Stamps:

00:39 – Introducing our guests, Blue Water Highway. 
03:31 – Where the name of the band came from. 
06:20 – Their new album Paper Airplanes. 
07:22 – How they manage to get their harmonies to match so well. 
08:27 – The difficulties that come with recording some songs.
09:41 – The different influences that shaped their music. 
12:44 – Who writes the songs. 
14:17 – Which instruments they use when first writing a song. 
16:55 – What they eat when they’re on tour. 
21:23 – A funny story about Zack and food. 
26:36 – How the pandemic has affected them. 
28:35 – The importance of recording the music you write, and the difficulties with writing songs.
32:52 – The strangeness involved with doing staged photo shoots. 
34:06 – The importance of having the right photographer. 
35:57 – The different ways to contact the band, and when their live streams are. 
38:54 – Whether they will carry on live streaming after the pandemic. 


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