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Bob Schneider on his NEW ALBUM and Netflix’s “The Lost Husband”

Bob Schneider on his NEW ALBUM and Netflix’s “The Lost Husband”
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I’m delighted to welcome Bob Schneider back on the show for the second time. Bob is a singer, songwriter, podcaster, visual artist and all-round legend from Texas.  

We catch up on current events, Bob’s upcoming album, the TV shows we’ve seen, and of course food. Bob has me cracking up all the way through, and he answers some questions that fans have sent in. It’s fair to say you guys sent a few really funny ones!

The truth is Bob is one of my favourite guests to have on the podcast. Talking to him feels like talking to an old friend, so I think you’re all going to enjoy this episode! 

“I like not traveling, I like not being on the road. I love my life, I love being here writing songs and hanging out with my family. I love playing in front of people but that’s 90 minutes of the day. So except for Covid, I’ve loved staying at home.” Bob Schneider   

Time Stamps:
04:01 – A snippet from my interview with Justin Tallant.
07:43 – Bob’s new album In a Roomful of Blood with a Sleeping Tiger
11:30 – The live-streaming Bob’s been doing during the pandemic. 
13:08 – Investing in cryptocurrency and how we manage our finances. 
18:42 – Bob’s favourite tacos and my thoughts on Taco Bell. 
23:20 – The people we know who got Covid and how Bob’s dealt with the pandemic. 
34:13 – The way the press could have better handled the Covid situation. 
41:54 – The ‘cancel culture’ that exists in our society today. 
47:57 – Why people believe in the flat earth theory and the power there is in a name. 
51:43 – Ancestry DNA testing and talking to missionaries. 
57:03 – The new album Bob’s been working on and how his family life affects his songwriting. 
1:06:20 – How Bob reduced and managed his anxiety levels. 
1:11:04 – Rock climbing and the film ‘Free Solo’. 
1:16:13 – The Netflix show ‘Call My Agent’ and other good films that have recently come out. 
1:24:29 – The ideal length for a podcast and how podcasts have changed over the course of the pandemic. 
1:31:42 – Bob’s favourite venue to play outside of Austin. 
1:33:18 – Why Bob turned down a role in ‘The Lost Husband’. 
1:42:34 – Whether or not Bob will do shoutouts during his live shows. 
1:47:00 – What it was like seeing Kiss Unplugged live on a boat. 
1:51:20 – The times we’ve almost been a part of a threesome and what it’s like being intimate on-screen. 
1:59:30 – Why Bob works with different people in his studio recordings compared to his live performances.  2:04:45 – The live shows Bob has coming up.   


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