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Casey James: Proud of Texas Hill

Casey James
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Welcome to episode #50 of The Lone Star Plate podcast! It’s time to celebrate, so we start this episode by sharing the Top 5 behind-the-scenes anecdotes that happened over the course of making this podcast, that you haven’t heard before.

My guest today is Casey James, an amazing musician from Texas, who once was a finalist in The American Idol, and today is an independent recording artist, a happy family man and a member of the Texas Hill trio.

Texas Hill is a band that gathers Casey and two contestants of The Voice, Craig Wayne Boyd and Adam Wakefield. Their debut single Darkest Sky has just come out and I love it!

We chat about literally everything, from being a proud Texan, to his experience of the Covid-19 pandemic, his relationship to music-making as a skill and as an art, and faith in life and people.

I felt our conversation could go on forever, and I’d be happy to welcome Casey back some day for another interview. So sit back and enjoy!

“I’d rather risk dying than risk not living.” – Casey James

Time Stamps:

4:15 – Episode #50 intro and Top 5 behind-the-scenes anecdotes.
16:30 – Thank you to the podcast team.
24:45 – Where Casey grew up in Texas.
28:40 – Where he lives now and the story of his band Texas Hill.
34:55 – Why he is proud of being a Texan.
36:49 – Casey’s experience of participating in the American Idol.
46:00 – The importance of having a good team around you.
53:00 – Casey’s experiences of loss and death, and how he is dealing with it.
55:08 – How the COVID epidemic has affected him.
1:01:00 – Casey’s new song, the recording experience and his view of faith and hope.
1:19:57 – How it is to record cooking shows.
1:23:50 – What’s the situation like now in Tennessee with the pandemic.
1:31:25 – Why it is hard to keep consistency in life as a musician and how to navigate around it.


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