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Chris Harrison: The Bachelor, Texas Wine and BBQ

Chris Harrison: The Bachelor, Texas Wine and BBQ
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Chris Harrison: The Bachelor, Texas Wine and BBQ

Today, we are joined by Chris Harrison, the legendary 18-year host of ‘The Bachelor’ tv show. 

I’m curious how he got involved with the show, but more than that I also want to know what Chris’s life is like in general. It turns out he travels around the world filming, and even owns his own brewery.

We talk about the food we like to eat, the drinks we like to drink, and the sports we like to watch. 

The pandemic has turned every industry on its head and this is the case for Chris too. Filming for “The Bachelorette” had to be postponed, so instead they are releasing a special feature series. 

He explains to me the lasting impact this is going to have on the entertainment industry, and what they’re doing to adapt. 

”The BBQ culture in Texas, especially around Austin, is unlike anywhere around the world.” – Chris Harrison  

Time Stamps:

00:34 – Who our guest is, and what we’re going to talk about.
03:33 – What it’s like growing up in Texas.
05:48 – The diverse types of people in Austin.
07:22 – How Chris became the host of The Bachelor. 
09:05 – How social media has influenced the show. 
11:48 – The possibility of having a chef on the show. 
12:38 – Being a judge on Iron Chef America. 
16:32 – San Antonio, and the incredible Mexican food they have there. 
17:58 – The brewery Chris owns in Dallas. 
18:56 – How Texas wine has changed over the years. 
21:12 – How Chris found his love for wine. 
22:25 – The side adventures Chris gets on when he’s away filming. 
23:15 – Chris’s favourite wine. 
24:50 – What contestants eat when they’re on The Bachelor. 
27:03 – How the show is going to move forward with the pandemic going on. 
28:45 – The special that’s being released in replace of The Bachelorette. 
30:59 – How the industry is going to be impacted by what’s happened.
33:13 – The relationship international Bachelor shows have with each other. 
34:57 – Chris’s love of soccer. 
37:16 – The amount of youth soccer in Dallas. 
38:57 – What makes football such a globally loved game. 
41:04 – Why soccer hasn’t become big in the US.  
43:12 – What Chris’s favourite food in Texas is. 
46:04 – The incredible BBQs in Austin. 
47:42 – What goes into making a good brisket. 
50:21 – What Chris has coming out in the near future. 


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