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Clay Walker: Songtender

Clay Walker: Songtender - The Lone Star Plate
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My guest today is a country artist Clay Walker, who has recently released new singles ‘Need a Bar Sometimes’ and ‘She Won’t be Lonely Long’ for his new record label Show Dog Nashville, leading to his 12th studio album.

With 31 charted singles, 11 No. 1’s, four platinum albums and decades of performances to his credit, Clay Walker tells us how he got ‘discovered’ and how his career took off in mid-1990s, and what he is up to in 2021.

Talking to Clay feels like sitting on a back porch, guitar on the lap, fiddling the strings and enjoying life.

He plays exclusively on the show the unplugged version of his new single ‘She Won’t Be Lonely Long,’ and I’m deeply honoured by his amazing performance, one of the best we’ve had on the show so far.

“You never want the opportunity to be there and you’re not ready, and that happens to a lot of people. But I was just ready to be heard, I had been preparing for it all my life.” – Clay Walker

Time Stamps:

1:00 – Introducing Clay Walker.
6:00 – Why it’s important to try to keep live music going in a safe way despite COVID-19.
9:07 – What my favourite food to cook is.
12:40 – Clay performing a song in Spanish, and why it feels more free to sing in Spanish.
14:35 – Where Clay grew up in Texas.
17:00 – What it means to be ‘discovered’ as a musician, and how Clay’s career started.
22:13 – Clay’s new record label Show Dog Nashville.
27:10 – When Clay is planning performing live again.
30:10 – Band Against MS Foundation and Clay’s experience with MS.
38:35 – Clay’s expectations and life events for 2021.
41:15 – Clay performing ‘She Won’t Be Lonely Long’ live on the show.
45:40 – Where people can connect with Clay Walker and why he likes social media.
48:50 – Clay’s tips for cooking a steak and fish fillet recipe.


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