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Clint Wells On Podcasting, Music and Food

Clint Wells, photo Chanelle Sinclair
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My guest today is a Nashville based guitar player, singer-songwriter and podcaster Clint Wells.

Before the lockdown, Clint spent most of his time traveling the world playing guitar for wonderful bands and artists such as Rodney Atkins, Bob Schneider, Mindy Smith, Clare Dunn, Laura Bell Bundy and others.

He is also a songwriter with Rough Trade Publishing and a session multi-instrumentalist.

Besides playing and making music, Clint Wells is a co-host of two podcasts: I’m OK You’Re OK, I’m Not OK, You’re Not OK with Bob Schneider, and Metal Up Your Podcast with Ethan Luck.

In this interview, we talk about music industry, podcasting and food. Clint talks about keeping his eating routine on the road, his approach to veganism and other diet choices.

He is a sweet and genuine guy and I’ve really enjoyed this conversation about life and stuff. Let’s just hope he’ll be soon on the road again doing what he loves most.

Time stamps:

02:30 – Clint’s music and his other roles.
06:38 – What Clint’s podcasts are about.
10:00 – How Metal Up Your Podcast came to be.
13:30 – Metallica and the Napster case.
15:20 – The state of music industry today.
18:30 – Why the ability for anyone to make music is a good and a bad thing.
23:10 – How different people approach music differently.
25:35 – How Clint’s room looks like and why it helps him stay excited about music.
29:49 – How Clint approaches food.
36:00 – What we think about food shows.
39:10 – How to maintain eating routine on the road.
44:00 – Why cooking for yourself is cheaper and healthier.
52:00 – How to keep the momentum with a podcast.
59:05 – What Clint thinks about veganism.
01:09:50 – How to be more conscious about our food choices.


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