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Cultivate: Grow Your Own Food in a Box

Cultivate: Grow Your Own Food in a Box
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Cultivate: Grow Your Own Food in a Box

Today we are talking about an exciting project. Cultivate is co-founded by brothers Nathan and Luke Heath with the mission to help people grow food.

Nathan Heath is my guest in this episode and he explains how Cultivate works.

Their products are FarmBoxes, which they help you install, educate you about growing food and help you choose vegetables according to the season.

We talk about the excitement and the relationship with food that we develop when we grow it ourselves.

You will hear how much food you can expect from a FarmBox, how to get started and what makes this project so valuable at this very moment.

Nathan also breaks down some farming myths, and gets me very excited about the developments in the local food movement. Enjoy our conversation!

Time Stamps:

00:29 – Introduction to our guest and what our conversation is about.
03:02 – Nathan Heath’s background and how Cultivate came to be.
06:40 – What Cultivate is and how it works.
09:07 – How much food you can home grow with a FarmBox.
16:05 – Why the food grown by yourself is tastier than what you buy at the store.
19:10 – Changing our expectations about seasonal food and how it affects the market.
22:00 – How we can improve the connection with the food we are growing and eating.
27:50 – Is urban gardening the way forward and how it affects the farming market.
30:27 – The possibility of growing small scale live stock in an urban setting.
39:38 – How people are receiving the idea of Cultivate.
42:09 – How you can grow food in an apartment or an office with the FarmBoxes.
50:42 – How the home growing technology is developing.
58:00 – How much the passion about growing food and relationship with farmers helps with the business side of the food industry,
01:05:00 – Why people invest in restaurants even if they are not profitable.
01:09:10 – Why competition is good.


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