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Dale Hansen: Intent Counts More Than Words

Dale Hansen: Intent Counts More Than Words
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Today, we are joined by the legendary sports anchor Dale Hansen. 

A big follower of his, I’m really excited to talk to the guy, and he does not disappoint with his outspoken and no holding back approach. 

We talk about the many controversial points he’s had in his career, and how there’s always someone ready to criticise you no matter what you say. 

The conversation moves towards racism in America, and the effects the George Floyd murder will have on the country in years to come. 

We talk about sports, politics, and crime. And it’s proven that there’s never a dull moment when you’re talking to Dale…

”America is better in 2020 than it was in 1966, but it’s not the world it should be.” – Dale Hansen

Time Stamps:
02:29 – How long Dale’s been on Dallas TV, and how long he’s planning on staying.
04:33 – How Dale managed to build an audience for his commentaries.
07:42 – How sports are a metaphor for life.
10:50 – The backlashes Dale’s received over his career.
22:02 – The unique place Dale is in working for WFAA, and his own interest in opinion pieces.
25:24 – The amount of bad responses you get from doing commentaries.
30:33 – The lack of fact checking Fox has, and the importance Dale places in writing what he believes.
34:28 – Why your intent is more important than the words themselves and the issue of ‘All lives matter’.
38:42 – The importance of teaching people about real systemic racism and focusing on the big issues.
42:45 – The commentary Dale wrote about the George Floyd killings and how progress must happen in stages.
54:15 – How far gay rights have come.
57:45 – What would Jesus do if he were here today, and the ridiculousness of building a wall.
1:02:00 – The importance of context and intent.
1:15:00 – The difficulty there is hiring American workers for some types of work, and the need we have for Mexican labour.
1:22:26 – The different reactions we have to crimes depending on the criminal’s race.
1:29:34 – The prevalence of democrats in Texas.
1:32:16 – Dale’s favourite quote by John Kennedy about what it means to be a liberal.
1:35:20 – How the ‘so called’ liberal opinion is actually often a conservative one.


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