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Should You Support Grubhub and Other Delivery Services

Should You Support Grubhub and Other Delivery Services
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Should You Support Grubhub and Other Delivery Services

Joleen Jernigan, a writer from Austin, is back on the show to discuss food delivery services, and how they are really affecting the food businesses.

Joleen has recently researched various delivery services – how they operate, what percentages of orders they are charging from the restaurants, and what kind of deals restaurants are getting.

Unfortunately, the research has shown that restaurants are basically losing money by using most of delivery options. What’s more, small restaurants are getting much worse deals with delivery apps, while big food chains can still make profits.

So today we talk about how we as consumers can make better choices, and support our favourite restaurants by using the right kind of delivery services.

“If you are using a delivery service that is mutually beneficial for all parties, then you shouldn’t feel like you’re signing a deal with the devil.” – Joleen Jernigan

Time stamps:

00:30 – What we are discussing today and who our guest is.
03:22 – How Joleen got interested in the topic of delivery services and how she sees it.
06:50 – How small restaurants end up with worse deals with such services compared to big chains.
09:45 – How Yelp review system works and how it affects the restaurants.
14:00 – Why small food businesses are vulnerable towards bad deals with delivery apps.
17:45 – How restaurants have to adapt to these services in a way that hurts the customers.
20:45 – How delivery companies are leeching of both restaurants and customers.
25:00 – How delivery services affect the restaurant kitchens and their workflows.
30:32 – The DoorDash case with a restaurant owner ordering pizza from himself.
33:15 – Alternative delivery platforms that are more beneficial for restaurants and customers. 38:50 – The difference between running a restaurant and running a food chain.
42:05 – Why we think it’s still okay to eat at fast food chains sometimes.
44:50 – The importance of having a choice with choosing and using a delivery service.
46:20 – What Runner City is.
52:07 – The danger of ghost kitchens becoming a Netflix of eating options.
58:40 – How to get better informed and make better decisions when choosing a delivery service.


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