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Denim Richards: Holywood, History and Education

Denim Richards: It's About Proper Education
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Today we are joined by actor, director, and writer Denim Richards. 

Most well-known for his role in the TV show Yellowstone, Denim tells us how COVID-19 has affected the filming of the show’s Season 4. 

We also talk about the effects the virus has had on America, and the importance of keeping your head screwed on straight in times like these. 

We then go onto the history of racism in the US, and whether we think the riots will really make a change to what’s been going on for years. 

Finally, we talk about systematic racism in Hollywood and what we can each do to make a positive change. 

”Not everyone is going to be infected, but everyone will be affected.” – Denim Richards

Time Stamps:
02:05 – How the pandemic has affected filming for Yellowstone.
04:13 – The re-shutting down of Texas, and the hardship for restaurants. 
08:36 – The difficulties involved with getting take out food because of the new regulations. 
13:36 – Denim’s advice for how not to get too emotional with everything that’s happening. 
17:39 – The importance of remembering American history, so we don’t continually repeat it.
26:07 – What people can do to make change actually happen. 
30:46 – The extent to which the protests are working. 
38:58 – The importance of getting the right education, and the problem with the public school system. 
41:48 – If diversity will ever really come to Hollywood. 
50:50 – The way America has constantly been oppressing other races through their history and films. 
56:06 – What was happening to Africa during World War 2. 
1:03:16 – The representation of Native Americans in Yellowstone and psychological bias. 
1:13:04 – The farming skills that the Mexican and African American community has. 
1:15:30 – The importance of being heard and feeling like an equal. 


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