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Nick Saunders & The Passion for Filipino Food

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Today we’re in the Permanent Record Studios in Texas, with Nick Saunders, CEO and owner of Carabao express, a restaurant that makes Filipino food and bubble tea. 

We got some ace pizza, had a real good eat together, and talked about our passions for food. Nick’s learnt a lot about Filipino cuisine during the years he’s spent running his restaurant and he shares a bunch of what he’s learned with us. 

We question the term ‘all natural’, why it’s seen as important, and how it’s been hijacked by some companies, and then with our bellies full, and feeling very satisfied we start talking about the differences between America and England. 

It’s time to say our goodbyes, but not before Nick makes his exclusive announcement…

Time Stamps:

00:40 – What food we ordered today. 
01:53 – Who we’re with meeting today. 
04:46 – The hardships that come with opening a food trailer. 
08:40 – Our pizza arrives and we dig in. 
11:17 – What makes a perfect pizza. 
12:25 – People who don’t like pizza. 
13:03 – What it’s like making the transition to another country. 
18:12 – Where to go when you want a good meal in Austin. 
21:04 – What the term ‘all natural’ means to Nick. 
29:33 – The hardest dietary adjustment Nick had to make now he’s in America. 
35:35 – The first time Nick had chips and salsa. 
37:02 – When Nick started to cook. 
38:26 – Nicks go to road trip snack. 
39:00 – What Nick’s last meal would be. 
39:50 – Nicks favourite American food. 
40:35 – Nicks favourite Filipino food. 
41:34 – Nicks favourite homemade food. 
42:20 – The biggest difference between America and England. 
43:45 – Nicks exclusive announcement about Carabao express. 


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