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Eric Jarvis & Tacos by Picnik

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Today we splashed out on some ten dollar tacos from Picnik, thinking we’d get a big tasty meal for our thirty bucks.

The tacos were good, but they were not ten dollars good, and you can definitely find better value elsewhere.

My meeting with Eric Jarvis, however, was fantastic. Musician and music producer, he’s lived quite the life touring with big names like ZZ Top.

While eating our overpriced, but delicious tacos, we talk about food, music and what it’s actually like when you’re on tour.

I eat a light dish, because you can boredom eat when recording. If you’re not playing an instrument, you’re just hanging around. But you don’t want to be all full with no blood in your head. So I eat generally eat light, high protein food.Eric Jarvis

Time Stamps:

01:55 – The tacos arrive and we see if we got our money’s worth.
10:12 – TexMex and tacos.
11:35 – Mallorca bread.
14:56 – What kind of food Eric ate when he was touring.
17:40 – What’s best to eat when you’re recording.
21:01 – How becoming a father has affected Eric’s eating habits.
22:36 – Moving to a healthier diet.
23:54 – Is a hotdog a sandwich?
25:31 – Eric’s new favourite music.
28:46 – The new music Eric’s working on.
33:51 – The difficulties involved with recording music.
38:02 – The similarities between making food and music, and making salsa.
43:31 – The one album Eric would take on a road trip.
43:44 – What Eric plays the guitar with when he doesn’t have a pick.
45:36 – Eric’s dream venue.
46:45 – Which band Eric would play with, if he could play with anyone.



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