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Erin Cummings: Time To Find Our Why

Erin Cummings: Time To Find Our Why
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My guest today is Star Trek actress Erin Cummings. She talks about her life as an actress, equality in Hollywood, and the famous people she’s met along the way.  

We give our condolences to Nick Cordero, a close friend of Erin’s, who sadly died due to COVID-19. 

We then go on to talk about Erin’s own near encounters with death and her battle with breast cancer and depression. 

Finally we talk about hunting, food, and how to make the best hamburgers…

Despite the hardships she’s been through, Erin is full of life and passion, and just speaking to her gets me energized and excited for the future. 

“It’s important we all look at what we’re doing and ask ourselves why are we doing this? Now’s a great time to do that. I can’t imagine us all collectively being in as much pain as we are now. ” – Erin Cummings  

Time Stamps:
04:01 – Erin’s makeup tips. 
06:06 – Getting a professional makeup artist and the difference they can make. 
08:30 – When Erin first found out she had grey hair. 
11:25 – Where Erin studied and her favourite places to watch music back then. 
16:45 – Meeting Bill Clinton and Joy Behar. 
24:01 – How you can encourage equality as an actor. 
32:35 – The importance of saying thank you. 
37:16 – The unfortunate passing of Nick Cordero from COVID-19, and how Erin knew him. 
53:19 – Being a breast cancer survivor and what going through treatment was like. 
58:53 – The importance of identifying your bad habits during these hard times. 
1:02:24 – Depression, having kids and what Erin’s tattoos mean. 
1:11:03 – The way therapy can help with depression. 
1:13:08 – Erin’s dad’s passion for hunting. 
1:16:26 – How Erin’s dad makes his own sausages and hamburgers. 
1:18:15 – Upcycling other people’s trash. 
1:24:19 – Making bread and pasta during the pandemic. 
1:28:06 – The show ‘Feed the Beast’ and the food scene in Detroit. 
1:36:09 – Grandma’s squirrel soup. 


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Feed the Beast
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