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Franki Ray: Dallas Entrepreneurs On Building a Fashion Brand

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Today, we’re joined by Stacey George and Sasha Spivey, the owners and masterminds behind the fashion brand Franki Ray. 

These are two strong Texan businesswomen who started their company from the ground up. 

We talk about the luxury bag market, and bag making in general as well as some of the controversial things behind it. They know their stuff about this industry, and I was super impressed by their attention to detail.

We talk about how they got their business started, and the technical knowledge any entrepreneur needs to know to get started in the world of business…

“Know your brand, know your value and negotiate accordingly.” – Stacey George

 Time Stamps:
09:48 – How Sasha and Stacey came up with the name for their business Franki Ray.
13:03 – The history of the briefcase and how they’re reviving the product.
20:23 – The other products they’ve designed and sold under Franki Ray.
21:45 – The community of entrepreneurs, and how they’ve helped Stacey and Sasha.
24:09 – The difficulties there were in getting their products into retail stores.
26:58 – The sustainability and ethics of using leather and the problems with vegan leather.
33:57 – The inspiration they’ve got from their father’s briefcases.
40:26 – The strong relationship they have with their manufacturer.
41:10 – The idea of making ‘smart’ bags with integrated technology.
45:56 – Limited edition bags and the idea of making urns and coffins.
54:48 – The importance of focusing your marketing in the right direction and the problems with influencers.
1:04:45 – The different stores their products are available in.
1:09:04 – The moment they realized they wanted to start this business.  


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