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George Ducas: Missing the Smell of Amplifiers

George Ducas: Missing the Smell of Amplifiers
Home / Podcast / Episodes / George Ducas: Missing the Smell of Amplifiers

Today I’m joined by country music and all time legend, singer/songwriter George Ducas. 

Our chat swings between music and food, arguably the two best things to talk about in the world. 

George tells me about how this virus is affecting the music industry, and when he expects live shows to open back up again, and then surprises me by performing his new song ‘I’m all in’ live on the show. 

We talk about the great food there is in Austin and our favourite places to eat in Texas, before the conversation naturally moves to the pandemic, how it’s affected our lives, and the lasting effects we think it will have…

”I missed the smell of amplifiers. I missed being out there with the guys on the road.” – George Ducas 

Time Stamps:
04:10 – The live streams George has been doing over lockdown.
07:15 – Living in Nashville and what it’s like there for songwriters.      
11:30 – The lockdowns that are coming back to Texas, and the hardships this places on local businesses.   
14:59 – What Mexican food is like in Nashville. 
19:06 – What George’s song writing process looks like. 
22:06 – How I got into cooking and the time I spent in Spain. 
26:20 – Performing in Japan and what the people there are like. 
33:06 – George’s new song and how well-known he is in Texas. 
35:30 – Exclusive live performance of ‘I’m all in’.
39:03 – Who are the people George makes music with. 
43:45 – The great food there is in Austin, but the problems that are there too. 
48:47 – What happens to the live shows George has got planned. 
55:48 – The way Texas opened up too early just because of money.
1:02:58 – Rock climbing in Austin. 
1:10:16 – Grocery stores and direct farm produce. 
1:15:22 – Why George thinks Live Streams are here to stay. 
1:17:30 – Eli Young Band and my past with them. 
1:19:04 – George’s first ever top 10 hit and other awards he’s won. 
1:23:40 – George’s time writing songs for other artists. 
1:27:43 – The important self-improvement things you can do during these lockdown times. 


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