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NYT’s Bestselling Author Gloria Feldt on Women’s Leadership

NYT’s Bestselling Author Gloria Feldt on Women’s Leadership
Home / Podcast / Episodes / NYT’s Bestselling Author Gloria Feldt on Women’s Leadership

My inspiring guest today is Gloria Feldt, who is an expert on women, power and leadership, a New York Times bestselling author and keynote speaker.

She is the co-founder and president of Take The Lead, whose mission and ambition is to prepare, develop, inspire, and propel women to take their share in leadership positions across all sectors by 2025. Previously she served as the president and CEO of the world’s largest reproductive health and advocacy organization, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, where she spent 30 years of her career. 

Gloria was named by Vanity Fair one of “America’s Top 200 Women Leaders, Legends, and Trailblazers,”, Women’s eNews 21 Leaders for the 21st Century, Texas Monthly’s Texas 20, Martin Luther King Living the Dream Award, and Forbes 40 Over 40.

I’ve had such a great conversation with this powerful woman, as we talked about her career, about the touchy subject of abortion, what men can do to contribute to the conversation about women’s leadership, but also about Gloria’s passion for baking challah bread. Now matter who you are, you’re going to love this interview. 

“Businesses that have more women in leadership, and more diversity in general, make more money.” – Gloria Feldt

Time Stamps:

00:57 – Introduction to our guest Gloria Feldt.
03:00 – Bet you didn’t that segment – fun facts about farms and millennial farmers, kale, and sharp knives.
08:15 – How things are in New York where Gloria lives.
12:45 – Why Central Park is keeping New Yorkers sane.
17:15 – Gloria’s 30-year career with Planned Parenthood.
18:52 – What Planned Parenthood does.
21:35 – Pro-Life and Pro-Choice terms and why we should stop using them.
23:20 – What the essence of women’s rights and women’s leadership is.
28:40 – Why Planned Parenthood has been under attack lately.
30:30 – What are the nine leadership power tools.
33:50 – What men can bring into the conversation about planned parenthood and women’s rights.
36:54 –  Advice for women at the time of pandemic.
42:20 – The interest in delivering Gloria’s training programmes in different languages.
44:38 – What can men do to help women in the parenting process.
47:35 – Why this time can bring innovation in social movements.
49:15 – Bread and the art of leadership.
54:00 – Why you should avoid Mexican restaurants in Europe.
55:15 – The secrets of challah bread.
1:00:10 – What food Gloria misses most from Texas.


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