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Granville Automatic and the Hidden History of Music Row

Granville Automatic and the Hidden History of Music Row
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Granville Automatic and the Hidden History of Music Row

Today I’m joined by Elizabeth Elkins and Vanessa Olivarez, members of the country duo Granville Automatic.

They like to focus their songs around telling stories and use music to get across parts of history that people may have otherwise not known about. With their newest album, they’ve taken that a step further, coming up with a truly unique format. They are releasing ‘Tiny Televisions’ as a companion album to their newest book ‘Hidden History of Music Row’.

Having a book and an album come out to complement each other is a great idea, and they explain to me where this idea came from and how exactly it works.

We talk about making music and the difficulties the pandemic has brought to the music industry, both in aspects of performance and in releasing new material during this time.

The conversation moves to food and the different eating habits that we have, flexitarianism, intermittent fasting, and we even talk a little about smoking weed!

It’s a crazy time for all of us, but this a duo that’s definitely good at keeping their heads screwed on straight and still being productive even in times like these. 

“It’s difficult and makes you feel like you don’t have a purpose when you can’t do what you love and what you feel like you were put on the earth to do. I’m hoping that we will be lifted up soon and put into a space where we can all thrive and do what we love again.” – Elizabeth Elkins  

Time Stamps:
01:28 – Where they got their band name from. 
02:59 – How the band got started.
05:35 – What their newest album is focused on. 
09:01 – The last shows Granville Automatic played before lockdown and when more future shows will be possible.
11:25 – The problems with live-streaming music. 
17:25 – The new food they’ve been eating during lockdown, and the idea of being a ‘flexitarian’. 
26:40 – Intermittent fasting and the benefits it has.
28:34 – The benefits of smoking weed over drinking alcohol.
30:48 – The writing Elizabeth has done over lockdown.
35:54 – The difficulties with releasing a record and a book during this pandemic.
37:50 – How they got into book writing and what the history their book is based around.
44:53 – The difficulties with understanding all the different forms of social media that keep coming out.
47:34 – The future projects they are planning and working on.


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