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Hayes Carll: Making an Album During the Pandemic

Hayes Carll: Making an Album During the Pandemic
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Hayes Carll: Making an Album During the Pandemic

Today I’m talking to Grammy nominated singer/songwriter, Hayes Carll. 

Hayes is normally a touring legend, performing at over 200 events a year. But with the lockdown bringing the live music industry to a halt, he’s been focusing his attention elsewhere, and making a brand new album called “Alone Together Sessions”. 

He tells me what it’s like recording music at home instead of in the studio, how performing over Zoom compares to performing on stage, how he’s managed to stay afloat in a time that’s hitting artists pockets harder than ever, and we also get to hear his Grammy nomination story!

Hayes has worked out an innovative model that works perfectly for him and his fans, using the Patreon platform. He tells me exactly how this works and how to get access to all the exclusive material he’s been working on…

“I never viewed my music as being a respite from this crazy world, it’s so humbling to have so many people tell you that.” – Hayes Carll  

Time Stamps:
04:52 – The new record Hayes has been working on during the pandemic. 
06:13 – The pros and cons involved with recording at home. 
09:26 – The benefits of having boundaries and limitations. 
13:08 – How the pandemic interrupted Hayes ‘Alone Together’ tour, and his move towards live streaming. 
15:24 – Playing live events during the pandemic, and what the future for live music looks like. 
23:20 – What it felt like being nominated for a Grammy. 
27:45 – The importance of music in Austin’s culture and how the cities changed over the years. 
34:07 – Who Feed the Frontline are and what they’re doing to help our servicemen. 
40:51 – The difficulties with being productive in lockdown and what Hayes creative outlets have been. 
48:56 – The importance of fans and how Hayes will carry on doing live-streams forever. 
55:56 – The exclusive content Hayes produces for his patreon members. 
59:41 – How to connect with Hayes online, the difficulties involved with social media, and how your posts can change your life. 



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