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Un Unemployed Server In Action For The Homeless

An Unemployed Server In Action For The Homeless - Lone Star Plate Podcast
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Today, I’m joined by David Goin, a local server in Texas. 

Just like many of us, he’s now effectively unemployed and has a lot of extra time on his hands. 

So what should he do with that time?

David’s decided to take action, and has been creating and distributing care packages to the homeless during the quarantine. 

The homeless have very limited resources available to them at this time, so they need the extra help, and David’s stepped up to the challenge. 

It’s truly inspiring to hear what he’s done and he makes me excited to be more proactive myself. 

We talk about how he got into helping in this way, and discuss our experiences travelling around the world. 

A fascinating, down to earth man, he leaves me feeling inspired and excited for the future. 

 Time Stamps:

01:22 – Who our guest is today, and how he’s helping the homeless.
02:24 – What inspired David to help the homeless.
05:10 – Where David gets his provisions from.
08:10 – How people have responded to the community’s needs differently.
10:15 – How history is repeating itself and what we can learn from the Spanish Flu.
14:09 – The protest that happened in Austin.
14:48 – The difficulty with trusting so-called ‘experts’.
17:23 – The possibility that we’ll have chips implanted in us that track our movements.
19:13 – What inspired David to take such an active step in helping the homeless.
22:50 – How quarantine helped David find direction in life.
24:25 – What it’s like being a server in Spain.
31:30 – Running away from your problems and the issues involved with doing that.
39:13 – How America earned itself such a bad reputation.
43:41 – The ways to inspire people without causing distress to others.
48:43 – How to get involved with helping David’s cause.
50:24 – How people can help aside from donating money. 
53:18 – Pivoting the podcast so that it can be as helpful to wider society as possible. 


Make a donation to the homeless in Austin through Cashapp: $DavidGoin
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