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Singer Hilary Roberts and The Road To Now

Hilary Roberts and The Road to Now - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
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In this episode I’m joined by American singer, songwriter and philanthropist Hilary Roberts. 

Hilary captures attention powerfully, and at times I almost forget I’m supposed to be interviewing her! She’s honest, open, extremely likeable and has a fascinating story to tell.

She tells me about her struggles with addiction and abusive past, and how she was able to overcome these and become a successful singer. 

We talk about the foundation Hilary started to help others with similar struggles, and how moving to Dallas helped her to get better. 

Then we talk about her career, how she got into singing, and the new songs she’s recorded that are ready for release…

“I never thought that I could experience life with joy, freedom, peace, relief, and have a healthy intimate relationship because of what I’d been through. But it is through getting help that I have a life which is beyond my wildest dreams.” – Hilary Roberts  

Time Stamps:
01:42 – Who Hilary Roberts is and what we are talking about today.
03:50 – A clip from Hilary’s new music video.
06:40 – Why Hilary spelled it ‘Ringer’ instead of ‘Wringer’.
09:13 – Why she moved from Denver to Dallas.
11:27 – What the music scene is like in Texas, and why Hilary loves it so much.
13:12 – What the food scene is like in Dallas.
15:11 – The new song Hilary’s ready to release and the animated video that’ll go along with it. 
16:21 – The recordings Hilary’s been able to do over the pandemic.  
18:56 – How the production process for a new song works. 
23:39 – The importance of always striving to improve. 
30:00 – The foundation Hilary launched to help people who have suffered from abuse and addiction. 
33:48 – What her recovery journey has looked like. 
38:55 – What her goals are for 2021. 
42:17 – How to connect with Hilary online. 
45:12 – How Hilary stayed mentally healthy during the pandemic. 


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