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Holly Tucker: Be Country, Be Real

Holly Tucker: Be Country, Be Real
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Today we are joined by the lovely and talented Holly Tucker. She rose to fame as the sweet and authentic singer on Season 4 of ‘The Voice’. 

Talking to someone as down to earth and real as Holly is a proper treat. She talked me through her whole music career and the hardships and fortunes she’s had along the way. 

She also tells me why she’s chosen not to make the move to Christian music, even though she holds her faith so close to her heart. 

With her new album ‘You’re Gonna Know My Name’ being released, she’s been kept busy writing, recording and promoting her new music, but the virus has affected her life too.

She tells me about her new track ‘Rhythm of You’, a groovy but laid back song, and what the influence behind the song, and her new album, was…

”I just want to stay country. I just want to be me.” – Holly Tucker  

Time Stamps:
02:01 – What Holly’s been up to, and how she makes money for living. 
03:07 – What led her to singing in Spanish. 
07:45 – How singing is central to Holly’s family and how that influenced her. 
12:18 – What made her audition for ‘The Voice’. 
16:16 – The way Blake influenced Holly while she was on the show. 
18:05 – What she found difficult about being on “The Voice.” 
19:16 – How the show has affected her life and shaped her as a person. 
21:00 – Holly’s new album and her control of the writing process. 
23:13 – Who plays the music in Holly’s albums. 
24:35 – Holly’s favourite parts of Texas. 
25:53 – The difficulties there are in recording independently and what’s made it possible. 
28:36 – The pressure there is on Holly to change the type of music she records. 
32:32 – The importance of always focusing on improving your music. 
35:27 – The time’s Holly has written songs for other artists. 
37:45 – The way Holly’s faith has influenced her music but why she chooses to stick to secular music. 
39:47 – What Holly’s faith is and her history with Baptism. 
42:01 – The different ways Holly is promoting her new album. 
43:20 – The inspiration behind the song “Rhythm Of You.” 
46:27 – The impact Holly thinks the virus will have on live performances and her career. 
47:48 – The future of live streaming music. 
49:37 – How to connect with Holly online. 


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