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Washington and Lesley Ho from House of Ho

Washington and Lesley Ho from House of Ho - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
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Today, we’re joined by Washington and Lesley Ho from the hit docuseries ‘The House of Ho’.

The show is nothing sort of addictive and had me watching it from start to finish in under a week. But what it’s like having a camera crew follow your every move? And how do you persuade your family to go through such an intense experience?

Washington and Lesley tell me everything, including what it’s been like for them growing up in America and why they have such a big love for Texas.

A lovely pair, we have a good laugh chatting about Texas and the show…

“When we work together, when we use our time and energy and resources and not just money then we can do something to show the world who we really are. ” – Washington Ho  

Time Stamps:
00:53 – Who ‘The House of Ho’ are and how they got famous. 
02:43 – The trailer for ‘The House of Ho’. 
06:50 – What it’s like having a camera crew film your private life.
09:37 – How the docuseries about their family got started. 
16:16 – Why Washington loves Texas. 
22:15 – The importance of keeping your culture alive and being proud of where you’re from. 
27:10 – Some of the racial abuse Washington received when he was younger. 
29:01 – The most surprising feedback Lesley and Washington have got from fans of the show. 
35:05 – How to say some words in Vietnamese. 
38:04 – When the next season of the show will be. 
41:17 – What makes Austin such a special city. 


The House of Ho
Texas Real Food

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