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Singer/Songwriter Israel Nash Looks Back at His Long Career

Singer/Songwriter Israel Nash looks back at his long career - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Singer/Songwriter Israel Nash Looks Back at His Long Career

Today, we’ve got a nice long episode for you, and if you’re a fan of music you’ll definitely enjoy this conversation. I’m joined by Texan singer, songwriter, and guitarist Israel Nash, and we go deep, talking about the universe, psychedelics, AI, and even alien music.

I love speaking to people who aren’t afraid to dig into that kind of stuff, and Israel is one of them.

He’s a proper musician who’s all about art, and the meaning behind the things we can see, and we have a hilarious chat that goes beyond what I usually talk about… Enjoy! 

“The best characteristic that we have as humans is the endless ability to learn something new.” – Israel Nash

Time Stamps:
08:45 – What’s it been like rehearsing again after not being able to for so long.
14:18 – The different music projects Israel’s worked on over the pandemic.
18:10 – People’s need to celebrate and Israel’s private Zoom shows.
21:16 – The ways the pandemic has changed the way we live forever.
26:17 – Technological advances and using vaccines to tackle brain cancer.
29:39 – The history of music and what the first ever musical instrument was.
35:52 – Creating music and the endless opportunities there are.
37:28 – Israel’s favourite instruments to play.
40:07 – What alien music would sound like and how art is actually a record of history.
51:36 – What Israel’s studio is like and what it’s like living in the country.
57:27 – Why Israel Nash wants to carry on doing private live streams even after the pandemic is over.
1:02:06 – How budgeting for live music events has decreased and the idea of having a vaccine passport.
1:04:11 – How we dealt with the recent snow storm.
1:12:30 – Handy skills to have as a musician, the things that can be taught, and the things that can’t. 
1:18:04 – Alan Watts and becoming a master at what you love to do. 
1:26:08 – The rise of AI and how it will improve our lives. 
1:30:33 – The history of psychedelics and why humans use them. 
1:39:50 – Our interest in Ayahuasca retreats and the film Israel’s making inspired by psychedelics. 
1:49:46 – The importance of enjoying the little things in life. 
1:56:54 – Dealing with snakes when they come into your house. 
2:04:06 – The usefulness of having a schedule. 
2:08:43 – The way ‘popular music’ changes over time. 
2:13:54 – Streaming free music and how industries shift. 
2:20:55 – How today’s music originated from a poor culture. 
2:27:25 – The struggle there is between art and business.
2:29:52 – The outdoor music scene in Austin.   


Food of the Gods
TINA (2021)
Texas Real Food  

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