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Attorney Jennifer Fleck, Arrested for Criminal Trespass on the Election Day Explains

Jennifer Fleck: Arrested Development - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Attorney Jennifer Fleck, Arrested for Criminal Trespass on the Election Day Explains

And as you all know, we pride ourselves with having differing opinions on the podcast and this was no different.
We have a very intense episode today! My guest is attorney Jennifer Fleck, and this was the first time that the guest abruptly cut the interview short, hanging up mid-interview and mid-sentence. And we have done over 100 episodes.
From running for office to running from the law. Jennifer Fleck is a licensed attorney in the state of Texas who ran to represent the 47th district in Texas’ House of Representatives only to claim widespread fraud coming from the Travis County Clerks office, specifically Dana DeBeauvoir, the County Clerk, who has been in office since 1986. Fleck accuses Dana of being an “operative” in a larger conspiracy that is pushing socialism and working for a higher power who is feeding her orders, and having Dana and her staff fraudulently count votes and suppress poll watchers. She also claims that Austin will be burned down in two years if things don’t change.
Fleck makes these claims with zero proof, nor does she provide any evidence for her allegations besides three photos which she illegally obtained and show nothing.
In her latest attempt to bring to light what she believes is a rampant fraud, Fleck was arrested on November 3rd, the Election day at the Travis County Clerks Office for criminal trespassing after disobeying several orders from a police officer. In her vigilante style and still a licensed attorney, she claims it’s ok to break the law to expose what you believe is wrong.
My intention for this conversation was to let Jennifer get her peace out, and that we enter into a discussion, as we usually do on this podcast. It’s interesting to hear people say things without any evidence and throw around accusations, so that is why I pushed back on Jennifer. But it seemed that she didn’t expect I would challenge her on her claims, so she walked away from the interview. 
Please let me know in the comments if you think I was too aggressive. Either way, we do our very best to not let misinformation get out on this show.
Enjoy this half-interview!

Time Stamps:

2:09 – What this episode is about.
6:45 – What happened on the election day and why Jennifer Fleck got arrested.
9:30 – Why Jennifer claims that there was obstruction of pole watchers when she ran for the House of Representatives.
12:00 – Jennifer explains how she witnessed cheating on the election day and how she got arrested for recording it.
16:45 – The follow up to this event and what Jennifer’s goal is.
19:40 – Discussion about the alleged conspiracy to advance a more socialist candidate in every race.
21:40 – Who ‘they’ are, who are obstructing the elections and working with Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir.
22:30 – What evidence Jennifer can offer for her claims.
24:04 – Jennifer’s support for police, despite disobeying the police orders on the election day.
27:00 – Why it is dangerous that people want to break the law in order to prove the law.
29:00 – Allegations against Dana DeBeauvoir.


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  • Please quit pretending to be interested in facts. You obviously are not. Your beginning podcast only showed your intent to discredit Fleck from the get go. Jennifer clearly said that she didn’t know if Dana was working for someone or leading the effort to obstruct election law. You refused to acknowledge that. Election law requires unrestricted access to the counting room to be given to poll watchers. The photos that show the separation of the poll watchers from the counting room proves the violation of those election law requirements. That the Secretary of State referred a criminal investigation to the AG based on Jennifer’s evidence proves violations. That Dana agreed to begin abiding by the law and allow poll watchers access to the room as the settlement to the lawsuit filed by the Travis County Republican Party proves she was in violation of the election laws. What more do you need?

  • Dear Patrick,

    I would love to do a podcast with you concerning the election and a lawsuit I filed against Dominion software. You are in the tradition of Ted Koppel of ABC. I would love to discuss a serious case of conspiracy provable by hard evidence in West Texas near San Angelo. . Let me know if you want to chat. You do a great job of questioning and more importantly the proper follow up question. That is how you get at the truth.


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