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Singer/Actor Jesse Dayton is Austin’s Best Kept Secret

Singer/Actor Jesse Dayton is Austin’s Best Kept Secret - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Singer/Actor Jesse Dayton is Austin’s Best Kept Secret

In this episode, I’m joined by Jesse Dayton, a musician, a filmmaker and an all-round awesome guy.

He tells me great stories about some country legends, including Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson. 

Jesse’s done amazing things, he’s worked with Rob Zombie on some films, he was in Halloween, he’s directed his own horror film, and is very well known in the horror community.

We talk about music, his experiences throughout his career, and share our thoughts on Austin and Dallas.

 “It’s not just about making money, it’s not just about staying relevant, it’s about feeling your soul. You want to do what you love to do, play music.” – Jesse Dayton  

Time Stamps:
08:37 – Being on tour in Nashville with a punk rock band.
10:41 – The country cover record Jesse did and how it got him a message from Elton John.
15:31 – The way classic rock has changed over the years and how older music influences the music of today.
17:56 – Jesse’s favourite genre of music to create and his time working with Willie Nelson.
20:47 – How Jesse ended up meeting Kris Kristofferson and playing music with Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings.
29:13 – The great country scene Austin had in the ’90s and how that influenced musicians.
32:30 – How Jesse ended up directing his own horror film and starring in Halloween.
40:02 – The DJ show Jesse is now running on Gimme Country.
43:03 – Going on tour with Rob Zombie and why making a film wasn’t as fun as making music.
48:36 – What a film director’s day looks like.
49:33 – The book Jesse has just finished and the reality show that’s about to be made about his life.
53:37 – Living in Austin and why I moved to Dallas.
1:00:46 – The best place in Texas to buy a hat and why we support Texas Ranchers.
1:08:07 – Stopping eating factory meat and the difference between Wagu and Kobe.
1:16:44 – The difference between Spanish bread and American bread.  

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