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Ji Kang: Make A Sloane’s Corner Dish At Home

Ji Kang: Make A Sloane’s Corner Dish At Home
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Ji Kang: Make A Sloane’s Corner Dish At Home

The corona virus is affecting every aspect of our lives. 

Here at the Lone Star Plate, we’re looking at how the virus has affected working people in different industries. 

Today we’re joined by Ji Kang, Head Chef of Sloane’s Corner, who has been in the restaurant industry for over ten years.

In all that time he’s never experienced anything like what’s happened over the last month, and has had to make innovative business decisions in order to survive. 

The virus has forced him to become more creative and to offer different services that allow him to still make some kind of revenue. 

We talk about what long lasting effects this outbreak will have, as well as the importance of being positive and sticking together. 

These are some tough times for everyone. But we’re all in this together, and together we can come out the other side stronger than we went in. 

”You have to realise that when you build a restaurant you’re also building a culture. ” – Ji Kang

Time Stamps:

00:20 – How the show is being changed because of the Coronavirus outbreak.
01:25 – Who our guest today is.
02:41 – The new surveillance measures Singapore has put in place.
03:59 – The first time Ji’s business felt the effects of the virus.
08:30 – The need for being able to adapt.
10:48 – The new online classes Ji has been running to raise money for his staff that are out of work.
13:09 – The increased importance of buying local in these times.
16:22 – Why we all need to be a bit more patient and understanding while this is going on.
20:28 – The new ‘make your own meal’ menus that Ji has been creating.
22:30 – The free meals that Sloane’s Corner has been giving out.
25:24 – How well Ji thinks the restaurant will recover.
26:56 – What Ji thinks people should be doing during these times.
29:23 – Some of the difficulties health care workers are having to go through.
31:49 – The good response Ji’s seen from his staff.
34:52 – The difficulties with not knowing when things will start to improve.
35:57 – Watching Contagion, and how realistic the film is. 


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Contagion (2011)

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