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Jim Beaver: 15 Years of Supernatural

Jim Beaver: 15 Years of Supernatural
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Today I’m joined by Jim Beaver, best known for his role as Bobby Singer in Supernatural. The fifteenth and final season of Supernatural is soon to be released, but finishing filming hasn’t been easy with the virus.

Coronavirus briefly put all filming of the Supernatural on hold. But now the show is flying all its actors out to Canada so they can get those last few episodes filmed. So Jim is getting ready to go to Canada where he’ll have to self isolate for 2 weeks before filming can begin. 

Jim has acted in more shows and films than I could possibly list – Deadwood, Breaking Bad, Justified, Big Love, Sliver, Bad Girls, Magnolia, Adaptation, and the list goes on and on…

He tells me what it’s like to be a successful actor and how he managed to do so well in his career. 

A Texan after my own heart it’s great having Jim on the show, and even better to hear how the entertainment industry is starting to wake up again…

“The real secret to being a successful actor doesn’t have much to do with acting. It’s never holding up production and never making anybody sorry you got hired.” – Jim Beaver  

Time Stamps:

01:15 – Introducing my guest Jim Braver and the different films and shows he’s starred in.
04:30 – The love Jim has for Texas and Austin.
13:26 – The disruption COVID has caused to the filming of Supernatural, the longest-running sci-fi show in history.
19:38 – Jim’s love of writing and how it kick-started his acting career.
25:01 – How Jim ended up choosing the name for his character in Deadwood, and whether he watched the show himself.
31:35 – The real secret to being a successful actor.
34:41 – The extent that Jim writes his own lines.
39:27 – The importance of keeping things simple.
41:28 – The time Jim spent in the Marines, what it was like serving in Vietnam and how it’s helped his acting career.
50:30 – What it’s like writing for television and why Jim prefers to write for himself.
57:40 – What Jim’s been doing during lockdown.
1:00:53 – What it will be like working in Canada during the pandemic.
1:09:38 – What it means when Jim says ‘Eejit’ in Supernatural, and what it’s like having a catchphrase.
1:17:18 – The first major shows Jim played in and how appreciative he is of the experiences he’s had. 


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