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Jo James: What We Need Is Love Right Now

Jo James: What We Need Is Love Right Now
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Jo James: What We Need Is Love Right Now

Austin based musician Jo James joins me in this episode to discuss his music, how it was to appear on The Voice, and why we get nostalgic about the good old days of mixtapes and boomboxes.

Jo has a new single out called “Love Right Now,” which is inspired by a special cause, and he is planning to release a new EP later this year.

We talk about the isolation and how it pushes him to focus on the marketing side of his work. He explains the importance of having a team and being ready to invest in his own music.

Jo’s guitar is never far away and I couldn’t wait for him to play his latest song on my podcast.

I enjoyed this guy’s immense talent and I hope you enjoy too!

Time Stamps:

01:18 – Introducing my guest, musician Jo James
04:40 – Why Jo creates music
09:30 – Why isolation is a good time to focus on marketing, and how it’s weird to adapt to livestreaming music from home
19:03- Our nostalgia about mixtapes, record stores, radio, walkmans and boomboxes
25:03 – When Jo started playing instruments and how he manages to record everything in his house
33:20 – The story and the inspiration behind his latest music project
43:15 – How Midnight Dealing EP came to life, and why the new project is different
49:00 – What were some of the interesting comments that Jo received after appearing on The Voice
53:50 – What were the reactions of the judges, and what was the whole experience like
01:03:25 – Why it’s good to be an independent artist and learn the business side of music 01:14:00 – Why covering other people’s music can be special
01:20:16 – Jo plays his latest single “Love Right Now”


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