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Johnny Goudie: Secret Ingredients of a Good Podcast

The Secret Ingredients of a Good Podcast with Johnny Goudie - The Lone Star Plate
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Johnny Goudie: Secret Ingredients of a Good Podcast

Today I’m eating food with the legendary Johnny Goudie, and we’ve ordered from two different places, Modern Market and Plow Burgers.

Most known for his position in Skyrocket, he’s a singer, guitarist, and creator of the world-renowned podcast “How Did I Get Here”, which currently has over 850 episodes.

We talk about Johnny’s career as a musician and podcaster, and reflect with each other on what it’s like making podcasts.

The food arrives and we’ve got some damn delicious chips, and with these and our sandwiches, the conversation is flowing well and we’re having a great time.

The talk moves on to our food, our experiences with cooking, and suggestions we have for all those wanting to cook at home.

It seems like the whole food thing has been made about convenience and price, but it doesn’t cost that much more to not eat crap. – Johnny Goudie

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Time Stamps:

02:55 – Where we are getting food from today. 
03:08 – Who Johnny is and what he does. 
05:00 – How it feels to run a successful podcast. 
06:12 – The last show Johnny played. 
08:23 – What we think of London and the food there. 
10:55 – What it’s like recording podcasts live. 
12:29 – How to be a better podcaster. 
14:53 – Our food arrives…
16:40 – The way restaurants make chips. 
18:18 – We start on our sandwiches…
22:34 – Our take on desserts. 
28:12 – Johnny’s favourite dish to make at home. 
29:44 – The fun involved with cooking. 
31:28 – The satisfaction involved with serving a person. 
36:48 – How they’ve cooked the steaks. 
37:40 – Patrick’s favourite food to cook. 
41:00 – Where Patrick learnt to cook.
45:23 – Johnny’s favourite place to eat meat in Texas.
47:42 – Learning to butcher meat. 
49:36 – How fast food has been changing. 
55:05 – Pinterest, YouTube chefs, and being a perfectionist. 
58:04 – Our rapid fire questions. 


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