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Johnny Mathis: Feeding The Voice of Romance

Johnny Mathis
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Today, I have the privilege of introducing you to the legendary singer-songwriter Johnny Mathis. 

With 73 of his albums making the Billboard charts, and being the first ever artist to release a ‘best of’ album, he is a true national treasure. 

Johnny starts by telling me about his appearance on Ed Sullivan show, his love of Texas and his favourite parts of the state. 

He also tells me how important diet is when you’re using your vocal cords as much as he is, and where his love of food came from. 

He gives his perspective on the Black Lives Matter movement, and we discuss the lasting impacts we think this will have on American society. 

Johnny Mathis is a modest man of many talents. Enjoy this conversation! 

”My type of profession was very consuming, it’s a constant, and it’s a never ending thing. ”- Johnny Mathis  

Time Stamps:
01:55 – Who Johnny Mathis is and what he’s done. 
04:38 – What Ed Sullivan is like in real life. 
06:37 – The best part about being on Ed Sullivan’s show. 
08:17 – How Johnny ended up making the first ever ‘best of’ albums. 
10:08 – Johnny’s favourite thing about Texas. 
11:27 – Johnny’s sporting relationship with Bill Russell. 
14:50 – The importance of having a good diet when you’re a professional singer. 
18:34 – How Johnny’s life has been completely focused on his career. 
21:37 – How Johnny dealt with racism as he went through his career. 
22:39 – The changes Johnny expects to come out of the black lives matter movement. 
25:34 – Johnny’s message to others during the Pride month. 
26:09 – The types of music Johnny listens to. 
28:01 – The disruption the pandemic has caused Johnny’s career. 
29:37 – Johnny’s favourite country in the world. 
30:16 – The different languages Johnny sings in. 


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