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Award Winning Singer/Songwriter Jolie Holland Brings the Heat

Award Winning Country Singer/Songwriter Jolie Holland Brings the Heat - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Award Winning Singer/Songwriter Jolie Holland Brings the Heat

Today, I’m joined by American singer, songwriter and native Texan, Jolie Holland. 

We have an absolute blast and it’s a privilege to have a singer on the show who’s also so passionate about cooking and food.

We talk about Jolie’s music career, how she got into the business, and some of the crazy experiences it’s allowed her to have.

We also talk about some of the difficulties she’s come across being a woman in the music industry, and what it’s like performing on a stage in front of thousands of people.

Finally, the talk moves to food, our favourite places to eat in Texas, and what we both love to cook at home…

“I’m a writer first, I don’t like being in the spotlight on stage, that’s why I like having badasses in the band.” – Jolie Holland 

Time Stamps:
01:01 – Who Jolie Holland is and what we talk about today.
07:10 – Jolie’s roots in Texas and New Orleans, and how the hurricanes have affected her.
11:16 – Her attempts at fixing her eyesight and how she dealt with living through the pandemic. 
16:04 – Why culture lags behind current times. 
19:04 – What it was like being on Bad Religion’s Brett Gurewitz label. 
21:35 – When Jolie started writing music and where she found her love of music. 
25:01 – How she found out she had a talent for music. 
29:48 – What it’s like performing on stage. 
34:54 – The different pressures women performers have that men don’t. 
39:50 – The last shows Jolie saw before lockdown. 
42:45 – The safety concerns with reopening live music venues. 
46:10 – Jolie’s favourite restaurant in Texas. 
47:22 – Why she had to stop being vegan because of health concerns. 
50:30 – How human lifestyles have changed over the years and whether or not we used to hibernate. 
57:50 – The food Jolie sources straight from the farmers. 
1:01:35 – Adventurous cooking, making turnip cakes, and the difficulties in making quality fresh pasta. 
1:15:14 – Quality pottery and why it’s worth the extra cost. 
1:17:20 – Why we support the increase of the minimum wage. 
1:20:00 – An exclusive music performance from Jolie.   


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