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Jon Sanchez: Music Industry Doesn’t Exist

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Jon Sanchez is an amazing musician based in Austin, whom I’ve met when he played guitar with Bob Schneider.

He also plays with Chrysta Bell, and right up until the pandemic hit, he spent many months traveling and touring.

In this episode we talk about how Jon is managing the lockdown, what happens with music, we also talk a lot about food, what museums in Austin he likes, and how this whole situation is unfolding.

We enjoyed talking to each other so much, that this interview just went on and on…

Time stamps:

00:30 – Introducing our guest Jon Sanchez.
06:10 – Jon’s traveling and touring before the lockdown.
09:50 – Which food Jon particularly liked in Eastern Europe.
13:20 – The benefits of Mediterranean diet.
23:27 – Why Jon thinks that there is no music industry at all at this moment and what’s going on instead.
31:24 – What chefs and cooks are doing under the lockdown.
38:55 – How Jon’s music setup looks like at home and how it’s similar to cooking setup.
46:33 – Which new practices in music and food industry will remain after the lockdown.
51:20 – How healthy diet helps music making and what Jon’s eating habits are.
56:00 – When Jon realised that this virus is a serious thing.
01:02:12 – How Jon deals with restaurant delivery during the lockdown.
01:07:45 – How the lockdown is affecting people psychologically.
01:13:08 – How talking about arts and the cult of personality of artists can be misleading to audience.
01:17:10 – Jon’s favourite museum in Austin.
1:21:45 – How people think about Austin in other states and countries.
01:25:00 – How Austin is affected by the virus and the consequences of cancelling SXSW.
01:36:30 – How Jon is focusing on painting more than on music while being stuck at home.
01:43:30 – How to support people who are not doing well under the lockdown.
01:49:51 – Two ways to approach the lockdown.


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