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Josh Henderson: The Politics of Hollywood

Josh Henderson
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In this episode I’m joined by American actor, model and singer Josh Henderson. 

Josh recently got the role as the heart throb male lead in the new hit series ‘The Arrangement’ where he offers an actress the role of a lifetime, but only if she agrees to sign a marriage contract with him. 

Also starring on hit shows like “Dallas” and “Desperate Housewives”, he’s seen a lot of Hollywood and tells me what it’s really like living and working there. 

From paparazzi, politics and the importance of knowing the right people, Josh explains all the ins and outs of the business. 

With the ongoing pandemic shows are being cancelled left, right and centre, and being an actor right now is not a secure career. 

Fortunately for Josh, he also has his music and he explains how although the pandemic has affected him he’s simply shifted his focus more towards that side of his life. 

An avid cook since he was young the talk then moves to food, and our favourite places to eat all across America…

“Like everything in life, it’s all relationship-based and politics. Hopefully, you can find a way to navigate yourself into those politics but not lose yourself at the same time.” – Josh Henderson  

Time Stamps:
01:43 – Rock climbing and bouldering.
04:50 – The story behind ‘The Arrangement’ and what it was like filming the show.
10:10 – The hardships of not knowing what to believe and the difficulties of living during a global pandemic.
13:25 – Writing music with Dallas Davidson.
14:47 – How cities in Texas are changing, and how Josh ended up on the tv show ‘Dallas’.
24:34 – The importance of relationships and politics in Hollywood and life.
29:14 – Josh’s love of cooking and the best places to eat in Austin and Dallas.
39:06 – Mistaken identity, getting arrested by the police and the loss of privacy that comes with fame.
46:35 – The amount of shows getting cancelled and the troubling nature of being in the entertainment industry right now.
48:55 – The difficulties with not knowing how long lockdown will last.
58:22 – The best Indian food in Austin.
1:10:13 – Sending meals back to the chef if you don’t like it. 


The Arrangement
Dallas Davidson
Franklin BBQ
Brown’s BBQ
Javier’s Gourmet Mexicano
G’Raj Mahal
Texas Real Food

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