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Katie Leclerc: Use Your Voice To Make a Change

Katie Leclerc
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My guest today is Katie Leclerc, an actress and producer best known for her role of Daphne Vasquez in the TV show Switched at Birth, which ran for five seasons. In this show, Katie uses a “Deaf accent” to portray her teenage character who is deaf and who was given to the wrong family after birth.

Katie also appeared on other shows like Veronica Mars, Fashion House and The Big Bang Theory.

We discuss her work on her character in Switched at Birth, and what would be different today in the casting and reception of the show.

Katie also co-hosts The Brett Davern Show on idobi Radio, and is not afraid to speak up and use her voice and popularity to talk about social change and important issues.

Finally, I discover that she is a baker, and that she has spent the lockdown baking stuff. As a chef I know that baking is a science, and I’m impressed. 

“I feel like I have to use my voice now, because it’s so important that we make changes. I might use fans and followers, but I don’t care anymore.” – Katie Leclerc

Time Stamps:

1:45 – Where Katie grew up and where she lives now.
4:45 – Katie’s character of Daphne Vasquez in Switched at Birth, and what it was like working on the show.
11:03 – How Katie’s character developed throughout the show.
14:11 – How the show is a platform to talk about important social and cultural issues.
16:40 – Would the character of Daphne Vasquez be different if the show was filmed today?
19:05 – Who would play her character in 2020.
23:04 – What other projects Katie is working on.
26:20 – How Americans are perceived abroad because of Trump’s reputation.
27:30 – The experience of LA Solidarity March.
30:40 – Why Katie is no longer afraid to speak up and use her voice to contribute to change, even if she lose fans for it.
39:26 – How Katie has been spending the lockdown and her passion for baking.
42:00 – The pros and cons of being a chef.


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The Brett Davern Show
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