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Kevin Goradia: Climbing My Way Up

Kevin Goradia: Climbing My Way Up
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Kevin Goradia: Climbing My Way Up

Climbing is becoming more and more popular as a sport, and once you’ve tried it it’s easy to see why.  It’s great fun and a killer workout, but what makes it really special is the community of people that it attracts. 

Today, I’m talking with Kevin Goradia, the owner of Austin’s Crux Climbing Centre. 

This is where I used to climb before the pandemic and hearing about the adaptations Kevin’s made to the place actually gets me feeling ready to go back. 

We talk about how the virus has affected his business and how the climbing world has responded to the pandemic.  He also explains to me the difference between free climbing and free solo, and why free solo climbers are so impressive. 

Finally, we talk about the diets of climbers and the unfortunate prevalence of eating disorders in the climbing community…

“With climbing, a lot of people think you have to be really skinny and have big muscles. But really a lot of it is where your mental state is, how you climb efficiently and feel completely at peace.” – Kevin Goradia

Time Stamps:

06:54 – How Kevin got into climbing and started his own gym ‘Crux’.
09:32 – The networking Kevin’s done in his gym and his interest in the food and beverage industry.
13:00 – The sacrifices you have to make when running a business.
14:59 – The differences between free climbing and free solo.
27:05 – ‘Free Solo’ the movie, and the unique story of Alex Honnold.
35:28 – Popular diets for climbers and the prevalence of eating disorders within the community.
44:53 – How Kevin’s adapted the gym because of the pandemic.
49:52 – Anti-maskers and what it’s like climbing with a mask on.
52:07 – What the future of Crux looks like.
53:51 – How to connect with Kevin online.


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