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Kevin Russell: How Drive-In Concerts Work

Kevin Russell: How Drive-In Concerts Work
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Kevin Russell: How Drive-In Concerts Work

Today, we’re joined by Kevin Russell, known for his role in The Gourds, and from his solo music career as Shinyribs. 

He recently was a part of the first ever drive-in concert, and tells us exactly how the show worked. 

We talk about how the pandemic has hit the music industry, and the likely long term changes that we’ll see. 

Kevin’s moved largely to recording at home and shares with me the good and bad aspects this has. 

He also gives some tips for any upcoming musicians and how he made the difficult decision to stop playing with the Gourds. 

”If you’ve got nothing to do, learn how to record yourself at home.” – Kevin Russell  

Time Stamps:
00:37 – Introducing our guest Kevin Russell. 
03:33 – Drive-in concerts using FM broadcasters. 
08:11 – The reasons why drive-in concerts are difficult to put on. 
09:40 – The last live show Kevin played. 
11:28 – The plans Kevin had for SXSW, and other shows he had planned that were cancelled.  15:48 – How prepared Kevin was for something like this to happen. 
17:48 – The upcoming shows Kevin is booked in for. 
20:22 – The changes Kevin would like to see in the music industry world. 
22:00 – How Joe Rogan joining Spotify will change the entire platform. 
25:04 – Why Kevin enjoys doing covers, and who inspired him. 
31:12 – How The Gourds and Shinyribs overlapped. 
36:11 – The recordings they’ve done during the pandemic. 
42:00 – The importance of home recording right now. 
44:14 – The downfalls with home recordings. 
49:45 – What music Kevin is listening to at the moment. 
55:20 – How many people watch the Joe Rogan podcast, and how he became so successful. 


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