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Konni Burton: The Texan

Konni Burton: The Texan
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My guest today, Konni Burton, is a former Republican member of the Texas State Senate and successful business woman. She also started a media organisation called ‘The Texan’ which bills itself as ‘news you can trust’ which leans right of center.

We talk about the first presidential debate, the upcoming elections, Black Lives Matter, and criminal justice reform. 

It’s important in today’s society to be able to have open discussions with people who have different views than yourself.

Konni Burton has a very interesting way of looking at the current state we’re in, and she has me thinking twice about the lockdown…

“What’s more important than voting is to be an informed voter. Don’t vote on the sound bites.” – Konni Burton 

Time Stamps:
05:56 – Who Konni Burton is, what she has done in her career, and how she got into politics.
11:46 – What it’s like working with the senators in Austin.
17:10 – The problems with 24 hour news.
20:44 – The benefits of limiting the government and giving them less power.
23:44 – Konni’s future political aspirations, and where she sees her organisation ‘The Texan’ heading.
27:40 – Who Konni thinks will win the election, and how voting has changed in Texas.
30:31 – What the presidential debate was like and how Konni thinks it’s affected voters’ decisions.
34:04 – Donald Trump getting COVID and why the virus doesn’t concern Konni.
43:47 – The awful situation so many businesses have been put in, and the problems with the ways we are reopening them.
48:30 – The Black Lives Matter movement, the political nature of it, and the Konni’s thought about the organisation.
55:03 – The ways the American government prevents ex-convicts for succeeding in society after they’ve been released.
1:04:55 – The importance of being properly informed when voting. 


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