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Kyle Park: A Good Song Before Anything Else

Kyle Park: Make A Good Song Before Anything Else - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
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I’m joined today by Kyle Park, a Texan country musician who started playing country venues when he was only 15 years old.

Thirteen years into his professional career, Kyle and his band have played in more than five countries, playing shows from Alaska to Germany, and frequenting more than a dozen states on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, touring has stopped completely since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, so I’ve caught up with Kyle to chat about what he’s been doing and how he’s been feeling about the whole situation with the music industry and in general.

We’ve had an honest and heartfelt conversation about living as an independent music artist, setting up priorities at these times, and what the future might bring to the endangered music industry.

“Every singer-songwriter has to have a good song before the social media content is even seen.” – Kyle Park

Time Stamps:

2:15 – Where Kyle lives and how living on a ranch is like.
4:37 – Where Kyle grew up in Texas.
6:54 – How got Kyle into music.
12:00 – Kyle’s wish to get more into producing music one day.
14:40 – How Kyle has been using the lockdown time to write songs.
20:30 – The advantages of being an independent artist.
23:30 – How Kyle feels about the current crisis in the music industry.
29:20 – How this situation may lead to less people wanting to be musicians.
33:10 – Why live streaming music has diminishing returns.
42:10 – How ghost kitchen principle could work in the live music industry.
47:35 – The breakdown of the cost of a live gig.
57:24 – Why there are more important things right now than going to a concert.


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